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Reviews of the Top 10 US Legal Forms Websites of 2023

Welcome to our reviews of the Best US Legal Forms Websites of 2023. Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each us legal forms website, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Nolo image
In the midst of a messy divorce? Want to make sure your last will and testament is in order? Looking to buy a new house? Well you’re not alone, and Nolo realises that some of these decisions will be the most important ones of your life. As such it offers a comprehensive service and range of products to help you manage your own legal...

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Whether you’re starting a business, running a corporation, or just want to get your will in order, LegalZoom provides several key services to help you create professional legal forms. Additionally, it provides an impressive amount of information and guidance, as well as an easy to use step-by-step system for creating legal forms. We’re going to cut this review into two parts, because Legal Zoom...

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Mega Dox image
If versatility is something you’re after from a legal forms website then MegaDox is a real contender for your custom. This site offers templates or writing services, an impressive range of documents to choose from and several payment options. It’s a particularly good choice if you intend to create several legal documents that will be used in different countries as it takes a country’s...

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Legal Helpmate image
LegalHelpMate.com provides legal forms and legal assistance to its customers. At the most basic level you can simply fill out a form template, but you can also enlist the services of a professional lawyer or check out a range of legal resources. What we liked about this site is that it tells you plenty about each form before you purchase it. This really helps...

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Rocket Lawyer image
RocketLawyer not only provides tools to help you create legal documents, it also provides the resources to locate lawyers who might be of service. This two-toned attack makes it a useful resource for creating and developing reliable legal forms, and the site offers a few freebies too boot. What’s noticeable about this site is that it offers several services for helping you to find...

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Legal Docs image
LegalDocs.com helps you to create and develop a wide range of legal documents from the comfort of your own home. It does so through utilising automated systems that allow you to fill in simple questionnaires, which then generate the necessary forms. We were impressed by the range of forms available through this site, all of which requires no interaction from a third party. Subsequently...

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Law Depot image
LawDepot is your fairly run-of-the-mill legal forms website. It has a satisfactory, but not very developed, catalogue of forms to choose from, offers some legal assistance and covers most of the key areas of law that you’re likely to be interested in, but it does nothing to really stand out from its competitors. This site holds hundreds of legal documents ranging from estate, real...

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US Legal Forms image
US Legal is a US-specialist in providing legal information and forms. In some ways the amount of information it provides makes it a superior sites to other legal forms websites, yet poor organisation and a relatively standard number of available forms makes it less than perfect. The first thing you’ll notice on loading up the site is that there are several subsections to visit....

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Find Legal Forms image
FindLegalForms is a relatively low cost site for purchasing legal forms. With no package options you are restricted to buying individual form templates, so it’s most suited to individuals who need just one or two documents, rather than businesses which need regular access to different forms. The site provides over 3000 forms for users in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and it guarantees...

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Public Legal Forms image
The best things in life are free, so the saying goes. Well, if you really really love legal forms then you’ll be happy to come across Public Legal Forms, which offers US-specific legal documents, some of which are free of charge. The site proudly proclaims to have over 2000 free forms, although you’ll need a bit of luck in finding them as we went...

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Latest User Reviews

Find Legal Forms image
No Customer Support and Don't Honor Refund Policy
User Review of Find Legal Forms by Nicole Hobby on 19 November 2021

I purchased a POA and a Living Will, and at the time of purchase realized we no longer needed the living will. I immediately sent an online customer support inquiry with order ID. After three weeks and three attempts to... (Read the full review)

Real Deal Docs image
Unprofessional and rude
User Review of Real Deal Docs by Randy on 31 July 2020

I have been in private practice for 40 years and used this service for several years. I found it very valuable. When COVID 19 hit, I had to work remotely and could not access the site. I had our in-house... (Read the full review)

Real Deal Docs image
Scumbags with horrific customer service and poor tech
User Review of Real Deal Docs by Matt on 03 September 2019

On signing up their log-in didn't work. I had to email their support as no-one from their phone number answered the phone. I received a message a day later telling me "to log out then log back in". On doing... (Read the full review)

Real Deal Docs image
Cancellation policy is a lie
User Review of Real Deal Docs by Patrick M on 24 December 2018

Fully concur with others who tried to cancel. Very, very difficult if not impossible to ”cancel” at any time. No notice when they intend to automatically renew. I requested cancellation within 24 hours of seeing the renewal charge. Refused with... (Read the full review)

Real Deal Docs image
Never Again
User Review of Real Deal Docs by Hate Scammers on 23 October 2018

This company is a complete scam. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to try to cancel the "no risk" one month free subscription. No one EVER answers the phone. They also claim to have a 2-step cancellation policy where they send you... (Read the full review)