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US Legal is a US-specialist in providing legal information and forms. In some ways the amount of information it provides makes it a superior sites to other legal forms websites, yet poor organisation and a relatively standard number of available forms makes it less than perfect.

The first thing you’ll notice on loading up the site is that there are several subsections to visit. You can view information, products, services, ‘for consumers’, ‘for small businesses’ and ‘for attorneys’. Essentially each of these is a series of links to other pages that contain useful resources. Perhaps the area you’ll be most interested in is the legal forms section, which is provided by USLegalForms.com. This has over 36,000 forms to edit and download. Although this is a decent number it is nowhere near as high as some sites offer, and the general organisation of the forms is sloppy. You need to pick whether you need a package or single form and then search through a long list which tells you nothing about each form as you browse through it. So, if you don’t know what you need already then you’ll have to spend a while looking for it.

This is a problem that the site has generally: it needs organising. Or, at least, it needs to allow you to search for forms in a more practical matter so that you can easily find what you need. Similarly, finding information isn’t always simple but there is plenty of it around. Much of this is helpful and some is very recent, making it much more useful than some other sites (whose information is outdated). There’s also a very useful “ask a lawyer” section which allows you to directly contact a lawyer with your questions, without the usual hassle of setting up a meeting and paying masses for the privilege.

This is a US focused site so it won’t be of use to anyone outside of the US unless they have a particular interest in American law. The choice of forms is somewhat limited, but generally ought to be varied enough to cover most needs. The quality is about average, though there’s no guarantee that all forms have been developed by lawyers. Additionally, there’s no sign of a decent process to help you fill out the forms, but this may simply be down to a lack of information on the site. As such we think this would be a useful site for anyone who wants to access the free resources, but not necessarily the best site for ‘creating’ forms. With a better search option, a more organised design and several more features and form options, USLegal could be a great site. As it stands it’s only a good site for creating legal forms in the US. It does however offer a few additional services, such as “ask a lawyer” that could really prove handy. It’s one worth checking out, maybe even making an inquiry as to how much the necessary forms will cost you, but otherwise we recommend looking elsewhere that provides a more user friendly interface with more options.

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