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Category: US Legal Forms Websites
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Mega Dox Review

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If versatility is something you’re after from a legal forms website then MegaDox is a real contender for your custom. This site offers templates or writing services, an impressive range of documents to choose from and several payment options. It’s a particularly good choice if you intend to create several legal documents that will be used in different countries as it takes a country’s specific laws into account as you fill in the details.

As we mentioned, you can choose to either fill in a document template (which has been created by a professional lawyer) or to hire writing services. Of course enlisting the services of a lawyer is going to be more expensive than doing it for yourself but if you want to make absolutely sure that your forms will stand up to scrutiny then the option is there. We were pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of documents available, which are well organised into key categories: legal, business, financial, property and personal. Each of these categories has a lot of sub-sections which eventually lead you to the documents you’ll need. Another very useful addition to this process is the inclusion of descriptions of each form, which tells you what it is for and recommends any supporting documents you may need. This really helps the layman to understand what’s required and how each form might be used.

Let’s talk money. There are plenty of payment options available on this site, making it really quite useful for a range of situations. You can choose to purchase individual document templates or you can subscribe to a package deal. Subscriptions allow you to access thousands of document templates for a certain period of time and so can offer substantial savings if you envisage the need to create several forms in the future. There are also free documents available on Fridays, and daily deals, as well as exclusive money off coupons. Since the site keeps templates that are specific to particular countries (and their particular laws) the package options could also be of great use to anyone who intends to create legal forms that will be used at home and abroad.

This site could use a search option. There are so many forms available that it can be tricky to know exactly what you’re looking for and how to find it. Of course you can contact customer services to help with this, but there is only the option to send an in-site message or call them. A live chat option would allow quick and free responses. However, MegaDox offers a number of free templates and downloadable PDF previews to give you some idea what your form will look like. Its prices are generally very fair (a decent number of them are just $1.99) and if you need help then they have links to help you find lawyers or legal support. Over all we were impressed by this site and feel that it definitely offers a decent service, as well as very good value for money.

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