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FindLegalForms is a relatively low cost site for purchasing legal forms. With no package options you are restricted to buying individual form templates, so it’s most suited to individuals who need just one or two documents, rather than businesses which need regular access to different forms.

The site provides over 3000 forms for users in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and it guarantees that its forms will be valid in your state. However no such guarantee is made for non-US areas, so it’s probably best for you if you’re needing US legal documents. The system itself is very simple, but potentially too simple for laymen users. You find the document you need, download it and fill it in. Whilst each document has been designed by professional lawyers, we’re not convinced that you’ll be guided through each form based on the lack of detail provided around the site. Brief explanations of each form are provided, but there are no samples to view, and little in the way of specific details. If you do need help then you’re also somewhat restricted. You can check the site’s FAQ, which is adequate but not great, or call the support team. Neither option is particularly attractive and a much more substantial, searchable FAQ would provide greater help, whilst a live chat option might also allow you to get the specific details you need more quickly and from a professional.

The site is lacking some features that could really help its clients out. Whilst articles and blog posts could inform you on recent topics, a discussion forum might also allow you to ask others about their experiences in person and business affairs. Meanwhile, some form of guide or step-by-step system would help you to fill in the actual forms. None of this exists, so FindLegalForms feels a little like it abandons you once your purchases have been made.

This site is focused primarily on providing personal and business forms. These include anything from affidavits and deeds, family law and living wills, to attorney forms and contracts, landlord certificates and limited liability documents. Prices vary depending on which you’ll need but all forms can be downloaded in either MS Word, Adobe PDF, WordPerfect or Rich Text Format, each of which is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux. This makes the files pretty flexible, but it’s hardly something to get too excited about as most sites now offer such a variety. 

If you’re after one or two forms at a low price, you’re not bothered about support or finding out how to go about filling out the forms properly, then this site might be suitable for you. However, with so many competing sites that offer forms at similar or lower prices whilst also providing a more user-friendly system, it’s hard to recommend Find Legal Forms. The 60 day money back guarantee is something that isn’t always provided, so sets this site apart a little, but we’re not convinced that it makes up for the various omissions that could leave you high and dry.

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