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Legal Zoom Review

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Whether you’re starting a business, running a corporation, or just want to get your will in order, LegalZoom provides several key services to help you create professional legal forms. Additionally, it provides an impressive amount of information and guidance, as well as an easy to use step-by-step system for creating legal forms.

We’re going to cut this review into two parts, because Legal Zoom is likely to be of interest to you for two reasons. Firstly, it offers in depth, comprehensive and professionally produced legal forms. Secondly, it offers a range of services that help you in a wide range of business and personal areas. Of course there will be definite crossovers, but you can essentially pick and choose the bits you need, as you need them.

The legal forms element of this site offers over 160 forms, which cover most of the key business and personal issues you may have but you’ll certainly find a wider range elsewhere. This may be somewhat disappointing, particularly if you have a very specific form which they don’t keep, however the forms they do maintain are of excellent quality. The system through which you create your form is also pretty intuitive, you often need to answer a series of questions, which then generates the form.

As well as this, you are provided with a substantial amount of information and can request assistance if you need it, meaning that you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to filling the forms in. This is really reassuring as it can often be the case on other legal forms websites that you simply pay for a template and then have to muddle through it on your own.

We felt that this site had more of a business focus than a focus on personal and family legal forms, although both are covered. In particular we were interested in the four main form categories and how they might be of use to customers at varying stages of their livesand careers.

You can create forms that help you to set up your business or that help you to run your business, each of which is distinctly different and helps to cater for the various challenges you’ll encounter at each stage of your business’ development. These range from very simple things such as naming and registering your business, to sorting out your taxes or acquiring employment contracts. We’ll cover the additional services in more detail shortly, but suffice to say that there are also plenty of services, beyond just form creation, to help you on your way.

  LegalZoom.com isn’t the cheapest site around but in terms of the quality of the forms you will receive, and the service provided, it offers very good value for money.  

The personal and family documents are fairly varied in terms of the sorts of legal areas covered (from bankruptcy to green cards, pet protection to real estate) but there aren’t a massive number of them. Subsequently we feel that unless you want fairly standard / common family and personal legal forms, it may be better to look elsewhere to sites which specialise in those areas.

With regard to the range of additional services provided, we were impressed by the business support on offer. This extends to corporate supplies, certified copies, certificates of food standing, working visas and more. What might be of particular use is the legal documents reviews service on offer, which provides bespoke feedback on your documents for free (if documents are under ten pages) or for a reasonable set fee (for documents over ten pages).

You can also get help from an attorney, should you need it, with both personal and business legal plans providing on the spot advice to you as you need it. This also includes the ability to have an attorney review your forms and documents as you require their help, which is a much cheaper option than hiring a lawyer to complete all of your forms for you.

Navigating the site is simple, and there’s plenty of relevant information on each page. This really helps to explain the purpose of each document or service, and how you might go about using them. Several common questions, and their answers, are also provided on each page so that you can quickly find out basic facts which ought to help you to decide which forms you’ll need. If you’re still stuck then there is a help line number to call or an email address to contact, although the site would benefit from a live chat option to help you get the information you need right away.

LegalZoom.com isn’t the cheapest site around but in terms of the quality of the forms you will receive, and the service provided, it offers very good value for money. In particular, we feel that the site will be very useful to new businesses, who are still in need of advice and a bit of a helping hand when it comes to making sure that their legal issues are in order. This system guides you through all the key areas that you ought to be aware of, and provides the forms to make sure that everything is ship shape and above board.

Whilst it does offer forms for your personal life and assets, if you’re looking for a form that isn’t necessarily all that common then you may need to look somewhere else. However, for all of your basic legal forms, this is definitely a site that we’d consider visiting.

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