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LegalHelpMate.com provides legal forms and legal assistance to its customers. At the most basic level you can simply fill out a form template, but you can also enlist the services of a professional lawyer or check out a range of legal resources.

What we liked about this site is that it tells you plenty about each form before you purchase it. This really helps you to get an idea of how each form is used and which bits are necessary for you. If you’re still stuck then you can check out a range of supports (including a discussion forum, FAQ or customer services department), which we’ll discuss in more detail shortly. The documents are generally ordered well, making them relatively easy to find, although we would like a search function or a questionnaire to help guide us to specific documents, if customers aren’t exactly sure which form they need.

As well as providing form templates you can also check out the legal resources section of the site, which provides a legal dictionary (to help you with any words you’re uncertain of), find a lawyer or law firm, purchase law books, check out some legal news and crime stories, find out about government forms, talk to others on a discussion forum or access legal RSS / ATOM feeds. This is good to see because it not only proves useful in helping you through any legal issues you might have, but it also shows that the site’s creators care about your success and proving the best support that is possible.

Forms are state-specific meaning that you choose which form you need and which state you are from, so that it is tailored to any specific state law. This does of course mean that it is only suitable for the US, so if you want to use the same forms elsewhere you’ll need to contact a lawyer or another legal forms website.

This isn’t the cheapest site around, and many of its forms will cost double or triple what you’ll find elsewhere. There are also no samples, so it’s hard to get a great idea about how good the final product will be. However, since the site provides a lot of information prior to purchasing a form, you can get a sense of what is covered.

There’s a discussion forum, which is a good place to discuss any issues with other people who’ve been through similar problems. You can also visit the site’s FAQ, which covers key areas but could use a search option, or contact customer services. Contact is limited to an online form, which is fine but could be improved by providing a live chat support option.

LegalHelpMate ought to be of use to most people who are looking for US-focused legal support. It’s not the cheapest site around, and a few improvements could be made here and there, but it’s a solid contender and provides plenty of useful information on each of the forms it provides.

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